Birth Doula Services

A birth doula offers a woman and her partner continuous support throughout labor and birth by providing informational, physical, and emotional support as well as acting as an advocate for the family in order to ensure the safest and most desirable birth experience possible.

I meet with my clients for at least two prenatal visits, usually around 30 weeks and 36 weeks. I am “on-call” for each woman from 38 weeks gestation to 42 weeks gestation, and I offer phone and email support at any time during her pregnancy. I join the laboring woman when she is ready for extra support, and I remain with her and her partner continuously throughout labor and birth. I stay for the immediate postpartum period to assist with breastfeeding and to make sure the couple is comfortable and adjusting well. Finally, I meet with the new family about a week following the baby’s birth for one postpartum visit to check in on how breastfeeding is going and to inquire about adjustment.

I charge $850 for my birth doula services.

Please contact me for more details.