BellyWise Classes

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Healthy Childbirth Classes

My 4-week classes focus on normal, healthy pregnancy, labor, and birth. Each class bends toward those participating so every series is different, but I cover the following for every group:

.prenatal nutrition including important foods, helpful herbs, and useful means of exercise
.our culture of fear surrounding childbirth and how we can replace fear with confidence
.pain – why childbirth feels painful and various coping methods to reduce the pain
.what to expect physically and emotionally during labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum
.the stages of labor
.positioning for mom and babe during labor and birth
.partner interaction
.risks and benefits of interventions
.what to expect postpartum


New BeginningsĀ 

Many new parents benefit from gathering with other new parents, hearing each other’s stories, concerns, and delights. New Beginnings offers the opportunity for new parents to connect with each other as well as to their babies in a space of openness and honesty. During each class, we will have time for specific topics of interest as well as time to interact with each other on a more personal, individual level, addressing issues that arise with your newborns. Specific topics might include breastfeeding, sleeping, diapering (or elimination communication), baby wearing, calming babies and/or parents, transitioning back to work, etc.
This class is intended for babies 0-4 months. Each session meets for three consecutive weeks. One or both parents are welcome to join.
My classes always bend toward the needs of those present so any specific topics can be covered!
Please contact me for more information.