Birth Doula Services

A birth doula offers a woman and her partner continuous support throughout labor and birth by providing informational, physical, and emotional support as well as acting as an advocate for the family in order to ensure the safest and most desirable birth experience possible.

Postpartum Doula Services

A postpartum doula assists a new family through the adjustment period after a baby is born. The “fourth trimester” lasts until the newborn is 12 weeks old and is inevitably a time of growth and learning. Having a postpartum doula can ease the transition for the entire family and allows the mother to focus on and bond with her baby as much as possible.

Healthy Childbirth Classes

My healthy childbirth classes focus on normal, healthy labor and birth. As a group, we delve into the natural process of labor and birth and learn various techniques for a woman and her partner to work together through the birth experience. Through dynamic and interactive means, we discover the importance of positioning, relaxation, support, and confidence, and we begin to understand what works best for each of us. I offer six-week and three-week group classes as well as private classes.